As Sideman

Lubos Soukup & Christian Pabst – Levitas
Animal Music

Giovanni Benvenuti Quartet (t.b.a.)

Simone Gubbiotti / Christian Pabst – Encounter
JazzSick Records

Mario und der Zauberer Audiobook (t.b.a.)

Hendrik Müller Trio – An Unlikely Scenario
JazzSick Records

Lubos Soukup Quartet feat. Lionel Loueke
Animal Music

Lubos Soukup Quartet – Trough the Mirror
(feat. members of the Danish Radio Bigband)
Animal Music

Trevor Anderies European Quartet – Samsara
Personality Records

Ro Gebhardt Band – Fruit of Passion
(feat. Romy Camerun, Marc Secara, Twana Rhodes,etc.)
JazzSick Records

Pitch Plot 4 – Live in Europe (feat. James Cammack)
ZenneZ Records


Yasam Hancilar – Strange Fish
Isolde Records

Yasam Hancilar – Here’s To Life

Bujazzo & Guests – Calcutta Ending
(feat. Mike Herting, Mr. Mani, Rhamamani, Karthik Mani)

Bujazzo & Bundessymphonieorchester –
Zu Gast bei Young Euro Classic
(conducted by Dennis Russel-Davies)

Sven Ratzke – Where Are We Now

Sven Ratzke – Homme Fatale

Generations Unit feat. Adrian Mears –
Tease My Shoes
The Montreux Jazz Label

Jazzclub Limburg & Friends – Meetin’ Time

Emil Bovbjerg Septet – The Color 7