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Internationally acclaimed German pianist Christian Pabst presents his new album THE PALM TREE LINE.
The romantic record contains music that could have only been composed between the 44th grade north and the 44th grade south – the only zone on earth where palm trees grow. And it’s that line, warm, sunny, full of life, music and magic that gives the record its title. From filmmusic from Italy to classical music from Cuba, popular music from Mexico and original compositions inspired by these places, you will hear a wide range of beautiful melodic songs.


Christian Pabst (piano | rhodes)
Francesco Pierotti (bass)
Lorenzo Brilli (drums)
Ilaria Forciniti (vocals)
Federico Gili (accordion)


“The Palm Tree Line” is a record that is impossible to ignore – on the one hand there is the pianistic quality, the great playing of the performers, on the other hand there is the lyricism, the virtuosity, the eclecticism of the compositions. Even though complex means are being applied, the music is attractive and accesible. The sounds pulsate on all levels, the songs are melodic, have a living narrative, a danceable character and a strong expressive power. A great album!”

“With his new album, Pabst shows just how well he feels musically in the south.
A wonderful tribute to his adopted home and the music of the south”
Jazzthetik, Germany

“This is his fifth album and a fifth opportunity to discover his lyrical and passionate language, his constant search for an unconventional beauty full of strength. “
Jazz Esse Ruido, Spain

“It’s a soulful yet intense, full-fledged jazz-album without any crossover – allure, and of a high level of playing. The warm, melodic, partly romantic character covers sometimes the the darkness and tragic that also belongs to the life in southern countries and that Pabst also gives confidently attention.”
BRF, Belgium

“Pabst offers an interesting approach to modern jazz (…) showing that you can swing magnificently without “fake” originals or evergreens that risk to be trivial. And here, triviality there is definitely none.”
Il manifesto, Italy

“Very highly recommended”
Mainly Piano, USA

“A gorgeous performance by Ilaria Forciniti that goes under your skin”
Musenblätter, Germany

“Everything is captured by the pianist’s trio in a highly creative way. (…) The trio plays classic jazz, deliciously melodic. (…) An extremely musical and relaxed album without artistic concessions.”
Jazzport, Czech Republic

“A warm album that promises happiness. A classic Christian Pabst
– who understands perfectly well how to spoil our ears.”
Magazin Köllefornia, Germany

“Uncompromising bebop fever and exciting latin fire”
Saarbrücker Zeitung, Germany

“(…) a sensitive, even intense, real jazz album, rich with a soulful joy of playing (…) with intelligence and grace”
Soultrain, Germany