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LEVITAS (Luboš Soukup & Christian Pabst)

Duo Levitas is the project of two European globetrotters: German pianist Christian Pabst and Czech saxophonist Lubos Soukup. Both are internationally known for their individual output as well as for their composing, arranging, and teaching activities and have been collaborating already for the last ten years. With their new album Levitas, which is coming out in September 2022 on Animal Music, they dive deep into the rich rhythmic world of folk music and their common love for classical music and jazz. This means in no way imitating or simply recreating these musical styles but connecting their spiritual essence with the duo’s unique artistic expression. The two musicians create art at the highest possible level in the intimate setting of only piano and woodwinds (saxophones and clarinet) while at the same time being able to communicate with every kind of audience. When they improvise together, some indescribable magic happens and transports itself effortlessly to the listener.