“Adventurous impro- and bop-soundscapes but also travels to more fragile atmospheres
where sensitivity and subtility are leading. Christian Pabst is known as a storytelling pianist.
Also on this record (Song of Opposities) he proves his status with imaginative compositions
and their appealing execution.”

Muziekwereld, the Netherlands

Christian Pabst is a modern mainstream pianist whose style,
although connected to that of the greats of straight ahead jazz,
is original and personal.

Scott Yanow

Journalist for amongst others Downbeat, Jazztimes, etc.

Highly concentrated yet seeming infinitely light, the young musicians created their spot within the ensemble, gave each other the stage that each own on his own but also everybody together needed to keep the audience’s breath away with their acoustic and optical pleasure of the highest level.

Westfälische Nachrichten, Germany

“A standout soloist”

All About Jazz, USA

“Striking is pianist Christian Pabst who solos excels in transparency.”

Music Frames


Jazzthing, Germany

“Sounds like a small version of the Metropole Orchestra”

Jazzflits, the Netherlands

“Virtuosic musical language”

Jazzpodium, Germany

“Ein Poet am Piano!”

Kölner Stadtanzeiger

“Days of Infinity is the group’s debut disc, and it resonates with the sound of a group that knows what it’s about. (…) On the disc, the trio functions impressively as a driving rhythm section. Days of Infinity sets the bar high for future recordings from this accomplished German trio.”

Ottawa Citizen, Canada

“Clarity and elegance”

Münstersche Zeitung, Germany

“4 stars **** – Twentysomething German pianist Christian Pabst is a talent to watch and this is the debut release from his trio.
Despite their comparative youth, they have been playing together for a decade – and it shows. The sparse accompanying booklet doesn’t give much information, but it does contain a Herbie Hancock quote – “Life is not about finding our limitations, it’s about finding our infinities”
– which captures something of the optimistic, consciousness-enhancing quality of the trio’s sound and texture:
there’s a sensibility at work here that’s reminiscent of EST in their heyday.”

Jazzwise, UK

“Beautiful compositions with master musicians accompanying – this and more can be heard on the wonderful CD simply titled Days of Infinity, the new recording by pianist/composer Christian Pabst. The Christian Pabst trio has more than proven that they are not ordinary in any way. The music they create is far more than a multi-layer jam session. They work as a cohesive unit with each knowing exactly what note to play next without ever speaking a word among themselves. It is wonderful.”

Birmingham Times, USA

“Ambient sound, a touch of tradition and a sense of time and place are the ingredients for the Christian Pabst Trio’s Days of Infinity”

Smooth Jazz, USA

“This CD is extraordinary! (about “Song of Opposites”)”

Franco Fayenz


“…their new album Days Of Infinity is a real treat bursting with new twists on old ideas. “A Poet’s Path” is one of the better amalgamations of hip hop with organic jazz I’ve heard from anyone.”

Something Else Reviews, USA

“This trio is a wonderful collaboration of 3 accomplished musicians who have, after years of playing together, have developed into a very cohesive group that is able to take you on a wonderful musical journey. Their latest cd (Days Of infinity) is a joy to listen to.”

Billy Drummond

“Pabst creates lyrical and poetic images!”

All About Jazz Italia

“The Christian Pabst Trio have with Days Of Infinity put together an album full of captivating ideas and interesting structures that will appeal to a broad cross section of jazz lovers everywhere.”

Sea of Tranquility - Music for the new intellectual, USA

“Days Of Infinity is a mature debut, on which Pabst wrote all but one song himself, shows he is a promising composer and musician.”

Jazzmozaïek, the Netherlands

“Indeed, I am thrilled with the music embodied on “Days of Infinity”! Why, because I love the piano as the lead instrument. As I hear it, this apparatus forces the artist to score music regardless of scale with power, humility and grace effortlessly without fear as they blend composition, playing ability and arranging skills together with a sense of creativity and inventiveness. Pianist Christian Pabst has done so brilliantly with this amazing recording”

The Urbanflux Music Blog, USA

“well-honed and empathic ensemble work!”

Living Scotsman, Scotland

“Yes, Pabst is one of those interesting players that you really have to keep an ear on. Still under 30, he plays like your fave black, piano jazzmen of the late 50s but he does it with an edge that lands somewhere between hippie and pomo. (“Days of Infinity”) A sweet as pie set of sitting down jazz, it brings high energy in it’s wake and there’s certainly no dust on it. A little too hot to be cool jazz, it’s right in the pocket for some solidly good listening. Simply well done and made for your enjoyment.”

Midwest Record, USA

“Christian Pabst has an ear for texture. On Days of Infinity (Challenge), Pabst plays both acoustic piano and Fender Rhodes, and the result is a cool heat found in Bobby Hutcherson’s vibes in the late ’60s. Playing original compositions, Pabst reaches inside for a brooding, think-out-loud approach that never loses sight of melody or drama. On tracks where he adds the Fender Rhodes, there’s a completely different mood—a little more pensive and fully aware of how the ringing chimes sound of the notes will affect the listener.”

Jazzwax, USA

“This trio goes far beyond the material. The smallest band gave the biggest presentation: the Christian Pabst Trio won gloriously the Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award. The musicians play intense and subtle together, present themselves naturally and loose and play with depth.”

Jury Amersfoort Jazz Talent Award

“The Christian Pabst Trio creates sounds that give you something to think about, and something that you can feel. The perfect combination.”

Gabriel Alegría, New York University

“A masterful accompanist”

Apeldoorn Nieuws

“A remarkable pianist who knows the tradition as well as his own music”

Jury Dutch Jazz Competition

“Fulminant piano work!”

All About Jazz